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Spring 2022 Fashion Trends: Evening Wear Edition

Here we are in the year 2022 and this year's evening wear trends are about empowering the woman or young woman for some of you (wink wink). You can finally embrace our true self and express your personality with fun bright psychedelic colors. This is your time to be confident and love your flaws; no more holding back let this be your year.

Ladies, it's time to put on your cape and lead the way to greatness as you become a more powerful version of yourself. I mean I have to say the 2022 fashion trends are here to make a statement and to aslo make up for all of the lost fashionable times we've missed over the years. Yes, I know at this point everyone is probably a victim of the pandemic flux syndrome but lets try to take things one day at a time, and hopefully one day we will get pass this hardship. So why don't you relax kick your feet up and check out the top spring fashion trends were loving at the moment that are statement-worthy for your evening or social occasion event.

1. Neon Colors- Yes bright saturated colors are still a thing and quite frankly I'm excited about it. The evening wear world has put to much emphasis on the usual classic colors like red, emerald green, and even black which is a go-to but its time to have some fun. This trend can be a tad bit sketchy at the beginning but trust its definitely going to make some noise at your event. Remember being a trendsetter isn't always playing its safe its about jumping out there and leading with confidence.

2. Open Back- Rocking an open back is always a great fashion move for evening wear. One thing my mama always told me was that people will see you enter a room but they will always remember how you exit the room. So why not leave all of the drama behind you in the year of 2022.

3. "Hi Slits"- Like Michelle Obama said "when they go low we go high" and that's exactly what this year's slits are doing. As these slits take the higher route remember don't be afraid be confident and realize that the high slits are a power move.

4. Asymmetrical Necklines- Finally, an everyday fashion wear trend that has made it to the formal world. I'm sure you've seen this style everywhere from your daily fashion wear to your favorite IG influencers. This neckline is such an easy way to conquer the night, in an effortlessly chic way.

5. OTT- "Over.The.Top" this trend is all about your ostrich feathers, fringes, and heavily beaded looks. I mean do I really have to say much sis like come on now girl this trend is definitely giving queen bee vibes so tread lightly. NEXT!

6. Pantsuits- What's a better way to celebrate and embrace change in the world of women than to rock a pantsuit.

7. Flowy "Goddess"- This underestimated style of elegance and femnity takes the crown for its figure-flattering and forgiving sihloutte as you enjoy your worry free night out.

8. Capes- The cape trend has to be one of my all time favorite trends of the season and such perfect timing because it gives women a sense of confidence and glam that she deserves. Picture it like this she's got her cape on and is ready to party the night away, so tell the dj to que the music and drop the disco ball and lets party.

Okay friend, now that you have the top spring trends of the season on your mind I'm sure you are ready to start shopping? Well the good news for you is that we can help you with your shopping journey, we have experienced dress consultants to help you find your dream dress right here in our showroom. So let the Calla Lily Formals staff make your job a little bit easier with a personal shopping experience you will never forget, give us a call at 314-300-8280 or email

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