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Spring-Summer Shoe Trends of 2022: The only trendy shoes you need to invest in this season.

by Mariama Waheed

So, you’re on top of your game, you’ve found your dream dress at Calla Lily, now you’re on to shoes. Guess what? We’ve got the skinny on the top five shoe trends you’ll need to shine bright at your social occasion this spring and summer! This year, there will be no chill mode at all Sis! The 2022 spring/ summer shoe trends are meant to make you go outside and live your best life. Keep in mind that these shoe trends are both Instagram-worthy and practical—these shoes can be worn after your event. Yes, I know they look a little OTT, “over the top", but nothing is too OTT for a Calla Lily Girl.

Come on girls, let’s get pedi-ready, grab your fave —Jovani, Clarisse, Sherri Hill, or Jessica Angel—dress, your new shoes and GO! Fashion Fact: "Instagram Moment" It would be so cool if you matched your shoes 👠 with your nails 💅🏾 ! Can you say, “great photo opp?” Your timeline will go crazy!!

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1. Bright and Bold Colors

"Bring out those beautiful hues".

2. Platforms

"Reach for the sky sis".

3. Wedges

"F.F.C- Fun, Fashionable, & Comfortable".

4. Feminine Details

"Especially the ones that embrace Cinderella heels or sparkly party shoes".

5. Archeitural Heels-

"Literally Go-To Heel Vibes".

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