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Calla Lily "Booking":

Walk ins are welcome if time allows but private appoinmnets will be given preference. When booking your appointment it is recommended to book at least a 4-6 weeks in advance of your event. We love for our staff and customers to feel safe when shopping at Calla Lily Formals so face masks are to be worn at all times and social distancing is required while in store. Keep in mind no food and no drinks are allowed in our business. We take pride in our peaceful shopping environment so please refrain from cellphone usage while in-store out of respect for our customers and staff. We ask that you respect our staff as well as the building and anyone who fails to respect the rules of the business will be asked to leave.

Calla Lily "What to Wear":

Undergarments are required when trying on dresses no exceptions. If needed we suggest that you bring your own nude undergarments: strapless bra, and/or shapewear. Shoes are not needed but feel free to bring your own shoes that are similar in height that you are hoping to wear for your special occasion. If you have long hair it may be in your best interest to bring a hair tie or hair clip to keep your hair from distracting your shopping experience. 

Calla Lily "Whom to Bring":

Calla Lily Formals is an upscale boutique-style, specialty store with an intimate atmosphere. We love children however this is not the proper setting for children under 12. Seating is limited and each shopper is allowed to bring no more than two guests to their appointment who will have your best interest at heart. This is an important and special day you will always remember, so we recommend that you surround yourself with people who will be full of love and encouragement.

Your Appointment
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