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. For piano. (Sheet music) The bestseller by George Frideric Handel, born on March 17, 1685 in Halle (Witzenhausen, Germany), died in London on June 22, 1759. One of the most gifted composers in history and considered by music lovers as a genius, George Handel was a successful composer of operas, symphonies, chamber music and concertos. At the age of 25, he was composing and performing to the greatest acclaim. But during this period Handel contracted the fatal illness that robbed him of his hearing. He became a non-performing musician and composer. Even in his absence, Handel's genius and fame continued to grow. In 1711, Handel was appointed court composer in the service of the Elector of Halle. From 1712-1723, Handel composed all the music for the performances of the royal court. He also composed music for the celebrations of the Elector's two marriages. It was under these circumstances that Handel composed his best-known works, like Messiah (1741), opera L'Alceste (1733), opera Rinaldo (1739), and opera Alessandro nel Ciliegi (1742). Handel composed more than 100 operas. Of these, only a dozen have survived today. He also composed many concertos for piano, violin, harpsichord and other instruments, a variety of sacred music and concertante cantatas. Of his sacred music, Messiah is his best-known work. Written to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Wales, George II, Messiah is considered as one of the greatest oratorios ever composed. Although Handel did not intend to write an oratorio, the elector commissioned him to write an "oratorio" for the new Prince. Handel's composition consisted of a celebration of the incarnation of God through Christ. It was composed in 1742, the year of the Duke of Brunswick's accession to the throne of England. The oratorio was first performed on September 5, 1743. The piece is scored for choir and orchestra with soloists and soloists. The oratorio is divided into seven parts or movements: Allegro (8 mins), Largo (7 mins), Arioso (6 mins), Andante (8 mins), Largo (5 mins), Menuetto (5 mins) and Finale (8 mins). In 2003, Messiah was scored by the composer for a




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